Travel Story

Unraveling the mysticism of Dalhousie

Our first morning in Dalhousie started amidst sips of hot mugs of tea as we mentally scanned our to do list and planned the day's itinary while gazing at the sun rising from behind the Pir Panjal range (our room did have the best view with its French Windows). A quick breakfast n we climbed into our taxi and headed to Kalatop Wild Life Sanctuary. Wonder why it's known as Kalatop (nothing Kala abt it- its all shades of green but no black). Well! a 45 minute long rickety drive spiraling up the mountain, we came to the sanctuary gate selling entry tickets.

Upar Kot's Palace Interiors, Terrace & Beautiful view of Hill

Upar Kot Palace or Fort is located at stunning location of Junagarh. It's on height and is surrounded by many hills. It also has an ancient Dam which is the only source of water supply to Junagarh's homes.

In this video, I am at the UparKot Fort and showing the 360 view of hills which are surrounding the UparKot.

Upar Kot Palace is a must see monument in Junagarh and even after 1000 years, it is standing strong.

Over 500 years old multi-level Stepwell in Attara / Banda ( Uttar Pradesh )

India has thousands of Stepwells and there are few hundreds which have got some significance. This Stepwell in Attara ( in Uttar Pradesh ) is one such Stepwell which is over 500 years old.

It is multi-level Step well and each floor of step well is exact replica of previous one. Legend says that there are 12 such levels and there are pots of jewels in the bottom of the step well.

Many explorers have died while trying to find those pots and this creates a subtle mystery around the place.

Trip to Zara Showroom at Palladium Mall, Lower Parel, Mumbai

Mumbai is my love and Palladium Mall was icing on the cake. It is amazingly beautiful mall and finding one similar would be a painful process.
Delhi has dozens of nice malls but only one mall which comes near to Palladium Mall in terms of its exuberance is Promenade, Vasant Kunj.

One can find major brands like Gucci at Palladium Mall and the way it shines - it truly is pleasure to all senses.

Watch the video to explore a part of Palladium Mall and rest you can do while visiting it.

My trip to Agrasen ki Baoli, New Delhi, India

Maharaja Agrasen is the famous king and founder of Agrasen Family - India's one of the most prominent and influencial communities.
For centuries India has had Step well which helps in Rain water harvesting, specially to tackle the natural calamities like drought. Agrasen ki Baoli is centuries old monument which has seen rise and fall of many invaders kingdoms.

Now, it is surrounded by high rises and who would have thought that Delhi's most expensive estates and high rises will be hiding such an ancient monument.

Gujarat's Junagarh's 2000 year old - UparKot Fort

Gujarat is a fascinating place, a state which is massive in size. So massive that it takes over 16 hours to travel to from one point to another.
During one of the weekends, I planned to go to Junagarh as I heard about its massive Stepwells which are centuries old and they indeed are.
Junagarh Fort is one of a kind and is spread across kilometers of land. It is surrounded by lush green valleys which have prominent temples as well.

Mumbai Literature Festival 2016 at NCPA, Mumbai

Mumbai is fascinating and it constantly attracts me. I was strolling around the Malabar Hills, the kind of place where I want to have my home soon. After a few hours of strolling and admiring the places around, I discovered a large Flex Board about the Mumbai Literature Fest.
Since I didn't have any plans for evening, the Board turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I started running towards ( and later got an Uber to save time ) the venue which was NCPA, about 60-100 years old building built by Tatas to promote Indic Arts among Indians.

My first trip to Hyderabad

It was an official trip to Hyderabad where I had to attend DrupalCamp Hyderabad. It went pretty well and the crew went to the famous Char Minar. It looked stunning and the breezy weather made it a memorable experience. We strolled for a while, ate local snacks, clicked hundreds of photographs.
Everything was so beautiful. We went to ancient Shiv Temple nearby the Char Minar which is a must visit place. Temple is surrounded by Bangles Shops and for women, it is a heaven. With hundreds of different types of Bangles, it surely is a Churi ( bangles ) Bazaar.