Travel Story

My Dinners at Sankalp Restaurant in Ahmedabad

Being an avid foodie, I experiment with new dishes all the time. So my friend Dhaval and me made a pact that till the time his wifey is away, we shall try all the restaurants around.
Sankalp Restaurant was the best of them. They have military dosa to serve and they serve food with care. Their staff is courteous and the environment is warmly lit and nice.

Agra Fort- the seat of Mughal Power

My visit to Agra was a brief one on an even shorter notice. An early morning flight to Delhi followed by a four hour drive brought us to Agra by afternoon. Skirting the Agra Fort's walls, we passed through a traffic full of rickety e-rickshaws and run down buses and tempos. By the time we caught up on our sleep, it was too late to visit any place other than the popular Sadar Bazaar with its Chaat Gulli. Their oval shaped Rawa mixed Pani poori minus the meethi chutney along with papdi chaat and Aloo chat had us craving for more despite our tummies feeling overladen.

Last day in Dalhousie - Defence Park and Chamera Dam

So, our 3rd and last day in Dalhousie began with a little walk to the Tibetan Refugee Market right outside our hotel. The market or rather whatever was left of the market was a brief row of shops stacked and huddled in a small alley. Most of the Tibetian refugees have now shifted to Dharamshala, so there were a handful of shops selling dolls and trinkets from Nepal and two food joints selling Thukpa, Momos and a few more countable Tibetian dishes. After barely 20 minutes in the market, we decided to look beyond the exiled Tibetans and turned to "What else?" Dalhousie boasted of.