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Adalaj Stepwell, Gandhinagar

The Adalaj Stepwell is a popular tourist attraction of the city and is situated 18 kilometres (11 mi) away from Ghandhinagar. The well was built in 1499 A.D. by Queen Rudabai. The step well or Vav, as it is called in Gujarati, is intricately carved and is several stories deep. The carvings on its walls and pillars include leaves, flowers, birds, fish, geometrical patterns, and other breathtaking ornamental designs. In the past, these step wells were frequented by travellers and caravans as stopovers along trade routes.

Gujarat Travel Map

Gujarat Travel Map

Char Minar in Hyderabad

The Charminar ("Four Minarets"), constructed in 1591, is a monument and mosque located in Hyderabad, Telangana, India. The landmark has become a global icon of Hyderabad, listed among the most recognized structures of India.[1] The Charminar is situated on the east bank of Musi river.[2] To the west lies the Laad Bazaar, and to the southwest lies the richly ornamented granite Makkah Masjid.[3] It is listed as an archaeological and architectural treasure on the official "List of Monuments" prepared by the Archaeological Survey of India.[4]

Maha Kali Mandir,Ahmedabad

Maha Kali Mandir,Ahmedabad

Sabarmati Gandhi Ashram in GandhiNagar

Amazing place

World Culture Festival in New Delhi by Art of Living Foundation

World Culture Festival was largest events bringing different communities from all over world together. A big family is what we are - says Sri Sri.

Indian Habitat Center, New Delhi

Indian Habitat Center is extremely beautiful places which is very happening too. It houses Business Offices, Art Galleries, Couple of Auditoriums, Restaurants and what not.
It is the pride of India.

I love going to Indian Habitat Center and it refreshes me all the time, be it Ted Talk or Manthan Awards ceremony or even events by Tie for entrepreneurs or Eutopia restaurant for eating, I have been there so many times.

British Council, New Delhi

British Council is the place for learners. It houses one of the most beautiful libraries of New Delhi.

Gaurang's Journey to Mumbai City

Mumbai is the city of dreams. People move to Mumbai to chase their dreams and to achieve their goals. Mumbai to me has special importance and it stole my heart when I visited it for the first time in 2013.
I was all alone, vulnerable, reached Mumbai at 4 in the morning. Deafening silence yet traders cleaning their shops, moving large bags to their stalls, I didn't feel quite alone then.

Some of the places I loved are NCPA, Marine Drive, Essel World.