Major mishap in Amritsar as 60+ killed while watching Ravana's Effigy burn

At around 9 PM in Amritsar, over 60+ people were ran over by the train. The people were standing on the rainway tracks watching the effigy of Ravana burn. As the Ravana started burning, a lot of loud noise was caused which kept the spectators standing on the railways tracks focused on it resulting in massive casualty. 


It's never advisable to stand anywhere close to the railway tracks but as the countless video suggests that people were standing on the railway track for quiet some time and moreover the train drivers didn't anticipated anyone to be near the railway tracks ( there were no flood lights around the railway tracks which could have prevented the situation ). 

There are so many variables one can think of - High speed trains have 5 - 15 kms as the stopping distance and any train being driven at even 60 km/ hr will take few kms to stop but certainly till before half a kilometer there wouldn't have been any sign of those people standing on the tracks as there was just no light. 

Our thoughts and prayers to everyone who got hurted in and by this accident and we appeal to all our readers to avoid walking anywhere near to railway trains. 

Amritsar train accident: Indian Railways issues helpline numbers for information on the incident -- 01832223171 and 01832564485




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