Help India with a #LooReview #MyGlobalOdyssey

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Support Swachh Bharat with a #LooReview
Help India with a #LooReview
We've teamed up with Prime Minister Modi's Swachh Bharat Mission to encourage people to use public toilets across 500 cities in India. Here's how to help: Visit and review locations near you so people know which ones are clean and well-maintained. Watch the video for tips on what details to include, and add #LooReview for a chance to be featured on our social channels.
Join the cause
1.Open Google Maps
2.Search public toilets near me
3.Visit different locations and add photos of the facilities
4.Write reviews that mention if places are clean, have latches on the doors, have soap, and other notable details like if there are showers, fees, or dressing rooms
5.Include #LooReview at the end of each one!
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