My journeys in Mumbai Local Trains and some Interesting facts about Mumbai Railways discovered by me

Mumbai locals are lifeline of Mumbai. It is like the nervous system consisting of hundrends of veins / arteries and passengers being the blood, mumbai local train ensures that passengers are transported to their desired destination.But it's chaotic. Following is the most important chart of Mumbai Local Train's Network:

 Though it has become a cliche that mumbai locals are always full, it's the peak hours which makes them extremely hard to board ( for travelers like me who are new to this system ).Checkout some of the moments I recorded while traveling through Mumbai locals.  






 Some things which you must know about Mumbai Local Trains is that:

  • In the morning, massive population travels from Northern regions of Mumbai to Southern part of Mumbai while in evening the same people goes back to their homes from their workplaces located at SoBo.
  • Between 6 AM and 8 AM there will be massive rush while in evening from 5 -8:30 PM there will be rush beyond your wild imagination. 


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